The Whispering Shore

To the west of the abyssal ocean, their lies a land of music and song. Ruled by the power of the voice and its residents thrumming magic into the world, here Inu found a wealth of promising your weavers. However, few were chosen. Inu saw in most vanity and a disturbing ambition to be loved, not the selflessness required by the weaver. He had nearly given up on this new land, when he found the sisters of the Whispering Shore. In this place Inu found kindred spirits, selfless women, whom protected all those to the north, from the terrible creatures that roamed the south and western isles.

The language of the whispering shore, is low and quiet, like whispers. Short words, blunt and to the point. However, when the words are chanted and sung, they are among the best to ever be heard.

The following abilities are available to weavers of the Whispering Shore tradition.

Braid Augments

Lengthen Braid

Thicken Braid

Flowing Braid

Taut Braid

Deadly Braid

Helix Braid

Whispering Shore Braid Augmentations

Shielding Braid – A braid augmented in this way, provides a creature that benefits from this spell, to receive a +2 on their next saving throw. This augment costs 2 strands to apply.

Guiding Braid – A braid augmented in this way, selects a single ally among those effected. That ally may reroll its next attack roll or caster level check and take the better result. This augment costs 2 strands to apply.


A Weaver of the Whispering Shore tradition may choose from the following mantras. All mantras are considered supernatural abilities.

Foretelling Dreams – Whenever you would rest, you may spend 1 strand. If you do, you gain a +4 circumstance bonus to initiative. You may spend an additional strand for each resting ally, those allies gain the same bonus.

Mists of Shoal – By spending 4 strands you may summon mists in a 20ft radius around you. These mists provide concealment like the obscuring mist spell. These mists continue to spread out in a constant area. For every 10 minutes the weaver spends meditating, the mists spread another 500 ft. If the weaver speands an hour meditating, the mists reach thier maximum size at 1 mile. This mist, billows through windows and down hills and under door frames. The mists last for 1 hour after they are summoned. If the mists reach thier maximum distance, that last for 1 day.

Scream of Alva – You may activate this ability as a swift action. Any enemy who fails a save or misses an attack roll this turn, gains a -1 to those respective rolls. This lasts until the end of your next turn. You can sustain this effect by using the Scream of Alva again and for each round you continue to use it. These effects are cumulative, however, the maximum negative an enemy can have from this ability is equal to the number of consecutive rounds in which you have used the Scream of Alva. This ability costs 1 strand to use and an additional strand for each consecutive round in which you use it. (1 for first, 2 for second, 3 for third)

The Whispers of Razael – You may spend 2 strands to activate this ability. For 1 round any enemy that attacks you, must roll twice and take the worse result. It takes a move action to activate this ability.

Twilight Watch – By spending 3 strands, you create a 40ft radius within 100ft. Any casting (not weaving) that takes place in this area, the caster must make concentration checks for each spell. If a creature fails this check, they take damage equal to twice the failed spells level. This area lasts for a number of rounds equal to your intelligence modifier.

The Hollow Song – By spending a full-round action and 5 strands, you begin the hollow song. This song fills your allies with hope and enemies with despair. Allies recieve a +2 to attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks. Enemies receive a -2 to attack rolls, saving throws and skill checks. To maintain this song, you must continue to pay 5 strands per round. Each round the bonuses and negatives go up and down respectively by 1. Whenever you choose to stop the song, you may choose to scream as a standard action on the round you stop the song. This scream deals 5d6 sonic damage to a single target, the damage is increased by 5d6 for each round you spent maintaining the hollow song. There is no save for this ability and it costs no additional strands. You must be at least 12th level to take this mantra.

The Song Without – Your body transforms into a being of music and sound. You are considered an elemental and gain all their various traits. You are immune to sonic damage and any effect that requires hearing or similar prerequisites in order to effect you, unless you want that effect to effect you. You deal 5d6 sonic damage to all enemies within 10ft every round. Although you cannot inherently fly, you are floating above the ground and maintain the same square, but you are also considered incorporeal.

The Whispering Shore

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