The Dark Gate

To the south there is a place where magic exists only in faint whispers and on the lips of heretics. Magic, of all kinds, is feared and prosecuted at every turn. When Inu came to this place, he did find the lifestream, but choked and suffering on fear and ignorance. Religions with no power formed and lives were lost at every turn of disease and hunger. Yet even in these broken and miserable lands. Inu found them, those that had good hearts and cared about the lives of others. Inu gave them a choice, that no doubt others saw as witchcraft and consorting with evil, a choice, to follow him to the Dark Gate. Those that did were shown the lifestream in all it’s beauty and were taught the way of the weaver, so that the ignorant might be taught and that fear might be overcome.

The language of the land the Dark Gate leads, is one of simple dialects and short words. With far more words for hate and far too few for love.

The Dark Gate tradition provides the following abilities for weavers.

Braid Augments

Taut Braid

Thicken Braid

Looping Braid

Flowing Braid

Deadly Braid

Helix Braid

The Dark Gate Braid Augmentations

Broken Braid – If an enemy succeeds on a save vs a braid and takes absolutely no effect from it. The original cost of the braid is refunded to the weaver. It costs 1 strand to apply this augmentation.

Bright Braid – A braid augmented in this way, explodes in brilliant light, an enemy who makes their save against this braid is dazzled. An enemy who fails this save, is blinded for 1 round. An enemy may only be blinded in this way once per braid woven. It costs 2 strands to augment a braid in this way.


A Weaver of the The Dark Gate tradition may choose from the following mantras. All mantras are considered supernatural abilities.

The Fear of Corvanis – You may attain a presence of fear by spending 3 strands. This fearful aura extends outward from the weaver 20ft. All enemies receive a will save or else they are shaken for as long as they remain in the aura. At 10th level, you may select a single creature in this aura when you activate it. That creature, if it fails the save against shaken is instead frightened. The aura lasts for 1 minute.

Shadow Spiral – You may spend 3 strands. If you do, you briefly turn into shadows and may teleport 30ft. This ability cannot be used in areas of bright light, or if you are unable to target the square you end in. If, for some reason you cannot occupy that square or reach it, the ability simply fails.

Suspicion – By spending 3 strands all enemies in a 30ft radius burst, become suspicious of one another. They do not benefit from teamwork feats, flanking bonuses or aid another actions. This effect lasts 1 minute. A successful will save reduces this duration to 1 round.

Dark Bolt – You may spend 2 strands, if you do, you may fire a bolt of disrupting energy at a target creature. This bolt deal 5 points of damage multiplied by the highest spell or spell-like abilty’s spell level the target is capable of casting. In addition, that creature loses one of the highest spells it can cast or a use of the highest spell-like ability it can use. If the creature has run out of the highest, then this ability targets the next spell level and works its way down. 0 level spells cannot be effected by this ability. Each additional time Dark Bolt is used against a target that has been effected by it, raises the strand cost of this ability against that target by 2.

Bane of Humanity – Your hatred of the place on the other side of the Dark Gate, fuels your enmity of all humanoids. Any weapon you wield gains bane against humanoids. (Outsiders and Monstrous humanoids do not count for this.)

Moonlight Barrage – All enemies within 30ft, are targets by bursts of moonlight, this moon light does cold damage equal to 1d6 per weaver level. A creature dealt damage by this ability, must make a fortitude save. If they fail they are stunned for 1 round. It takes 5 strands to activate this ability. You may spend additional strands to increase the amount of time these creatures are stunned if they fail. For ever 2 strands you spend, you increase the time stunned by 1 round.

Duskwalker – You take on the form of a duskwalker, a creature from beyond the Dark Gate. This creature feared for its appearance was once hunted and killed. Now however, you may show its true purpose. You gain the following abilities while in this form.

-You travel through shadow, all movement is done by teleporting. You may suppress this ability at will, costing no action.
-Immunity to cold, electricity and acid.
-DR 15 Epic
-All allies in a 20ft radius are immune to fear and may reroll any saving throw they make and take the better result.
-You gain a frightful presence, the DC of this ability is based off your mantra formula +3

The Dark Gate

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