Across the northern reaches of the Abyssal Ocean, their lies a dark land, home to an ancient people, some believe to be the first of sentient life. Whether or not that is true, the Shar-kai or ash elves in the common tongue, certainly have made many advances in magic and culture and do not commonly share their secrets. However, to those guided by Inu and blessed of the river Viesk, they reveal much.

The first gift is the gift of their language, their language like its modern elven descendant is long worded, containing many syllables and flowing, yet with a hint of ancient danger.

The Elda’shar’kai tradition provide the following abilities for the weaver

Braid Augments



Looping Braid

Taut Braid

Deadly Braid

Flowing Braid

Elda’shar’kai Braid Augmentations

Reaping Braid – Whenever a braid effected by this augmentation would slay a creature, a shadow of Aladine is summoned in that creatures square and immediately causes all adjacent creatures to receive a -1 to attack rolls and saving throws. If a creature is struck by this ability more than once in a single weaving of the effected braid, that creature is shaken. The two mentioned penalties above stack with each other, but not with themselves. It cost 2 more strands to weave a braid in this fashion.

Consuming Braid – A braid augmented in this way consumes nearby corpses to increase its potency. When a braid with this augmentation is woven, a number of corpses up to the weaver’s intelligence modifier within 20ft are consumed and their bodies are destroyed. For each body destroyed, increase the caster level of the braid augmented by 1. This augmentation costs 2 strands.


A Weaver of the Elda’shar’kai tradition may choose from the following mantras. All mantras are considered supernatural abilities.

Aladine’s Ire – You select a single enemy within 30 feet, that creature takes bleed damage equal to 5. At 5th level this bleed damage increases by 5 and by 5 for every 5 levels thereafter. This ability costs 1 strand.

Edict of Aladine – You select a single enemy within 30ft, whenever that enemy would heal hitpoints, you may spend 1 strand to negate the healing. For every 1 strand you use you prevent 10 hitpoints of healing. You are allowed to see the total healing to decide how many strands to spend. At 7th level, you prevent 15 hitpoints per strand. At 12th level, you prevent 20 hitpoints per strand. This effect lasts for 1 minute, but costs no initial strands to activate.

Walk with Death – You receive a +4 to saves vs. death effects and other necromancy effects. At 10th level, you gain resistance to negative energy 10, you also ignore the first negative level anytime you would receive a negative level. (This counts as an immunity, unless you take more than 1 negative level from that source.)

Ordained Weapons – All allied weapons in a 20ft radius gain the wounding property. Whenever an ally would critically threaten they gain a +4 to confirm the critical hit.

Righteous Reaping – Whenever an enemy would be slain by your allies (yourself included) all allies within a 20ft aura of the weaver, gain 5 temporary hit points. These temporary hitpoints stack with each other. The maximum temporary hitpoints you can achieve in this manner is equal to your intelligence modifier x 3. These temporary hitpoints last for 1 round. You must slay an enemy that poses a sufficient threat to you and your allies. (Dm discretion) It costs 5 strands to activate this aura and the aura lasts for 1 minute.

Aladine’s Reprieve – Whenever an ally would be slain, if you are within 30ft, you may spend strands to keep them alive. You may restore a hitpoint for each strand you spend, you may continue to spend strands until that ally is no longer dead. You may choose to deal 1d6 points of constitution damage to yourself in order to increase the potency of this effect. For every point of constitution damage you take, the ally you targeted is healed an additional hit point per strand. If the ally is brought high enough to not be dead, they are stabilized and the constitution damage you took from this ability becomes drain. This ability requires no action, but you must be aware of the attack that fells the ally and you must not be flatfooted. You must be at least 12th level to select this mantra.

Avatar of Death – You take on the form of an angel of death and gain the following abilities and features.

-You sprout wings, gaining a fly speed of 90ft.
-You are immune to death effects (even from villains), negative energy damage, ability score damage and drain, negative levels and critical hits.
-Whenever a creature is slain within 60ft of you, you regain 1 strand.
-You may raise an enemy as a standard action. This creature becomes a shadow of Aladine and for a number of rounds equal to your intelligence modifier, the creature fights at your command.


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